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Great Camping Locations

Great Camping Locations

If you’re looking for a great camping location, there are a number of them to be found all over the country if you know where to look; also based on the type of camping you will be doing, such as tent camping or using an RV. Tent camping is a bit more challenging than camping in an RV, and the campsite you choose should reflect that difference. In this situation you should make sure the site you choose isn’t located on soft soil so rain doesn’t make it drift and spoil your site. In addition, a location that has been previously used will make setting up camp easier.

Some great camping locations include the area between Michigan City and Gary, Indiana. Located near the Great Lakes, this area features great fishing and water activities, as well as a large number of great camping locations to explore. Another great location is Cape Cad, Massachusetts. This area features a large number of things to do for people that love outdoor recreation as well as those that prefer indoor activities. There are also a number of national parks that can provide a great camping experience. Some of these are Yosemite in California which features thirteen campsites, Badlands in South Dakota which is open all day every day year round, and Glacier in Montana which features over 700 miles of hiking trails. Each of these locations, in addition to many others not listed, can provide you with beautiful scenery and a great camping experience.

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